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Singing Hospitals, which is a project serving the common welfare, promotes the beneficial effects of singing for health and healing in hospitals and health institutions on an international level. We plan to establish a world wide network, which wants to encourage the spreading of singing offers for patients, former patients, hospital staff and people interested in their own health (or that of others). In addition to the healing and preventive effects as a result of the singing in groups, this project wants to be understood as a contribution to the creation of culture and social encounters in hospitals and health centers. At present Singing Hospitals is active mailnly in german-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) but also cooperates already with projects in Romania, Netherlands, Uinited Kingdom, Turkey and Sri Lanka.

We offer further education, for more information please read:

In 2012 we started to be active on a global scale. Detailed information brochures as well as further information can be downloaded. We are happy about clinics and health institutions that wish to co-operate with us and gladly welcome singing leaders.

Please download the brochure here [129 KB]
Please download the info-flyer including declaration of membership here [3.648 KB] .

For more Informations please visit our german website
Currently we build up the european section - and also plan to make a film about singing hospitals. Later on we will open this project for the whole world and want to promote singing in hospitals and other health institutions. At the moment we also conduct a scientific study on the benefits of Singing in Hospitals and other institutions which will be finished in May 2012 and published 2013 internationally.

If You are interested in further infomation you can sent us an e-mail. We are looking for ambassadors for many countries. If you are interested please contact Mrs. Sonja Heim

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